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Sensitive Items You Should Hire Movers To Pack And Relocate

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Certain things you can always pack yourself — although you can still hire a moving company to relocate them for you. Clothing, draperies, and other non-sensitive items can be relocated with ease.

Other items, such as appliances, paintings, and other expensive or fragile items, can be more difficult to pack and move on your own. Discover a few home items you have that require the assistance of a professional mover. If hiring a mover for just a few of your home's belongings, consider using the moving company to move everything to save you time and effort in moving alone.

Anything framed

Anything that is framed, including artwork, photographs, or even mirrors, should be handled by professional movers when packing and transitioning. The reason why is this: a frame can easily be broken, or the picture or photo inside the frame torn, without a professional hand doing the work. A frame needs to have padded packing on its edges as well as reinforced cardboard or particleboard backing for the framed item to stay safe in, not to mention properly storing the item in a moving van for relocating.


All appliances should be handled by a professional mover to prevent breakage and accidental damage. For instance, a refrigerator needs to be stored in a special way so as not to damage how the unit works. A washing machine and dryer need to be carefully packed to protect drums and other key components.

Added to the special needs most appliances have for packing, consider this: appliances are often bulky and very heavy and require special tools and equipment to remove them from the home. Your moving company will have the manpower and the knowledge to safely relocate large and small appliances for you.


You can move a couch, chairs, tables, and other items on your own, but you put your furniture at risk of fading, tearing, breaking, and other damage when you do so. You may be able to get furniture out of your house, but that's only half of your problem. You also need to put furniture in a moving vehicle and then get the large pieces back into your new home, which is no easy task. If you hire a moving company to handle your furniture for you, you not only don't have to move the heavy and large items yourself, you have skilled professionals who will cover furniture pieces properly so they stay safe no matter how long they travel for.