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Steps To Take When Moving A Copy Machine To A New Office

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If you are moving your office to a new building, you most likely have some electronic items going along for the trip. Many offices utilize larger pieces of equipment to help get tasks done efficiently. If you have an office copy machine, it needs to be tended to properly beforehand so it remains undamaged. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your office copy machine for a trip in a moving truck.

Remove All Movable Parts

Before you prep your copier for the move with proper packing materials, you will need to do some simple steps so movable parts are not at risk for damage during their ride. Take photographs of the copy machine while it is still up and running so you know how to reassemble it properly when you get to your new office. These photos could also be used for insurance purposes as well should something happen to your machine in transit.

Remove any paper trays, feeding trays, and removable cords from your machine. Label each piece with a tag so they can be put back in their proper location when you set the copy machine back up for use. Wrap each piece in thick-layered bubble wrap and place inside a cardboard box or plastic storage bin.

Remove Toner From The Machine

Most large copy machines use canisters of toner used to transpose images and text onto paper. Remove the toner canister and place it in a small plastic storage container. This is best because if the toner is moved inside the copy machine it could spill while in transit, ruining not only the appearance of your machine, but other items in the truck as well. If the toner sprinkles out of the canister while in transit, it will be contained in the bottom of the container. You can put the toner cartridge back into the machine after you are set up in your new office.

Preparing The Machine For The Move

After removing loose parts from the copier, it needs to be wrapped to protect it from bumps while in the moving truck. Start at the top of the unit and wrap it with bubble wrap, winding it around the circumference the unit until you reach the bottom edge. Secure any loose edges with packing tape.

Use thick cardboard pieces as a protective shell from other items in the moving truck. Place one large piece across the top of the copy machine and secure it over the bubble wrap with packing tape. This will help keep the top lid in place so it does not break off the entire unit. Add cardboard pieces to the four sides of the unit, securing each in place with packing tape. Finally, use shrink-wrap to contain the bubble wrap and cardboard in place.

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