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Three Storage Hacks To Make Your Home More Efficient

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If you dream of one day having a home where you have enough space, the day may have come. Many homeowners suffer from a lack of storage space in their home making the house look cluttered and messy. In an effort to keep the home looking clean and organized, you need room to store items when not in use. Adding closets or an additional room can be too costly if you are on a budget. Piling it all in one room can cause an eye sore when you have guests come over. Instead of overspending and creating a bigger mess, there are some storage hacks that can help keep your home more organized by hiding some of your items in places you would never expect. 


If you have stairs in your home, then they most likely take up a good amount of space. Imagine if there were a hidden storage spot available under the steps that allowed you to store Christmas decorations, off season clothing, or decor that isn't being used. Some homeowners are finding that building drawers into the steps can help add tons of storage space. Most of the time, there is nothing under the steps that can't be turned into additional space. With so many stairs, you can create as many drawers as you need for clothing and other objects to hide away. 


Typically your mudroom is not somewhere your guests would come into. This is often a separate entrance than the main entrance to the house so you can afford to add a little extra storage in this area. A large wardrobe with hooks and drawers can help keep shoes, coats, and book bags organized as family members walk into the house. Not only does this help with organization, but it can also help keep your flooring cleaner when your family has a place to store their shoes when they walk in. 


Pocket shoe organizers are primarily used for storing shoes on the door, but they offer a use for so much more. You can place one on the bathroom door to help add compartments for your styling products, perfumes, hair accessories, and toiletries. This helps keep the counter clear and the cabinets free for other items. The pocket organizers are also great for the pantry as well. You can store spices, sauces, and food packets in the pockets to help provide more storage space in your pantry. 

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