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The Abcs Of Finding The Best Storage Unit For Survivalist Purposes

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It is estimated that there are about three million preppers in the US, and the number is continuing to grow. If you consider yourself an intelligent prepper, you likely know all about what you need to do in order to be prepared for a disaster of any type. What you may have trouble with, however, is finding a place where you can contain all of your survival gear. Storage units are a good option for preppers if they are used properly. There is a simple ABC rule set that you can follow to make sure you find the best when you are looking for a storage unit for survivalist purposes.

Always look for storage units that have perimeter fencing.

In the event of a society meltdown or economic collapse due to a disaster, looters can be a real problem, even in storage facilities. Because of this, you should be looking for a storage facility that has perimeter security in place, whether it is a surrounding brick wall that completely closes off the inner area of the storage area or a tall chain-link fence. You want whatever it is that you have in your unit to be safe from the world outside if chaos ensues, and a perimeter enclosure will help make sure that is a possibility.

Be sure you know specific guidelines with different facilities.

Every storage facility has its own set of guidelines when it comes to what can and what cannot be stored in their units. Some of the disaster and survival supplies you may want to store could be a problem. A few things that you should always ask about storing first include:

  • Flammables, such as fuel or oil
  • Food and water supplies
  • Firearms and ammunition

Choose climate controlled units only for food and water storage.

If the storage facility you are considering does allow food and water storage, you should definitely consider springing for a climate-controlled unit. Even though you will likely only be storing shelf-stable items and dry groceries like rice and canned goods, you can usually see a longer shelf life when the foods are not exposed to extreme changes in temperature or humidity.

Whether it is a belief in an unavoidable apocalypse, doomsday, or something more tame like a natural disaster, there are now more preppers, also sometimes referred to as survivalists, in the US than there have ever been before. If you need more room to be an efficient prepper, be sure to check out local storage facilities that you have access to that could be a solution.

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