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3 Packing Tips That Can Help Your Move

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Moving can be an extremely stressful process and the act of packing up all your possessions in your house is difficult. When packing your items there are a number of tricks and tips that you can employ to keep your items safe while they are transported to your new home. Here is a step-by-step set of instructions that will help you pack when moving.

Wrap Valuable Items In Towels

Valuable items need to be wrapped in bubble wrap or something soft to protect them from being knocked around when they are in transit. Bubble wrap can be very expensive to purchase, but you can save yourself a bunch of money by using beach or dish towels instead. Lay out a towel on the floor and then place the item of value in the middle and wrap it up. Tape the ends of the towel with masking tape to prevent the ends from coming loose and ensure that it is secure. The towel will act as a protective barrier around the item and absorb the shock if the item gets bounced around inside the shipping container.

Place Loose Bits or Screws Inside a Plastic Bag

Household items like a bed or large tables must be taken apart to allow them to be moved through smaller doorways. When taking items apart that have loose pieces make sure to place them inside a plastic sandwich or freezer bag and seal it shut. Take a piece of tape and attach it to the back of a larger component to ensure that the screws or pieces do not get misplaced. Taping it to the back will also keep the items bundled together, so you know exactly what item goes with what pieces.

Label Everything & Keep a Master List

When packaging up the contents of your house, make sure to label each box with a white sticker on the side of the box and then write in black magic marker the box number, area of the house it belongs, and the contents. Then keep a master list of all the boxes and contents so that you can find any item you need on the list and match it to the number of the corresponding box. You can also use it to make sure that none of the boxes go missing during the move and you can cross them off the master list as they get unpacked.

For moving larger items or if you have health issues that prevent you from physically moving the boxes, you may need to call the help of a professional moving service, such as a.m.p.m. Movers. The professional moving service can come in and move larger items safely from one location to another without damaging the items.