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Using Storage While Renovating

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If you are doing a complete overhaul of your new or existing home, you might have a lot on your mind. One thing you should be worried about are your household items. Putting household items in a self-storage unit during a project can help in a variety of ways. Here are four reasons renting a storage unit during renovations is a smart move.

1. Don't Unpack from Old Home

If you are remodeling a home right after buying, it might be a good idea to remodel first and then unpack. You might be staying in the home while work is getting done, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to unpack everything. If your home will be under construction for a few weeks or longer, it might be best to keep most of your housewares in storage directly from your old home. Your items will be ready for your newly remodeled home and will be in one piece for your move in.

2. Downsize in the Interim

If you will be doing major remodeling, you might actually have to move into a temporary home while work is completed.  You don't need to be cramped in a rental with all of your things. Rather than bringing everything with you, pack it up so it is safe while your home is under construction. Your items will then be ready for your new space so you don't have to unpack twice.

3. Keep Damages to a Minimum

While your home is under renovation work, items you cherish can get damaged. Don't set your valuable items up for disaster by leaving them in a construction zone. Get items that are important to you or of value packed up and in storage while renovations are happening.

4. Access Items Easily

If you can rent a storage space, your items might be more accessible than if they are crammed in your garage or your friend's attic. If you can find a storage facility near your home, you can access this at all times in case there are housewares or personal items that you might need. Sometimes there can be delays when it comes to renovations, so don't have your items stored somewhere that is too cramped to access for a long period of time.

Renovations can take a lot of work and planning, so don't add in the stress of worrying about the items in your home as well. If you can pack these safely in self-storage, you won't have to worry about damages or things getting in the way. Your items can be safe in storage until you are ready for them. Find a facility like Northgate Mini Storage to get started.