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4 Types Of Damage Your Piano Might Sustain During A Move

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Even if your piano looks as if it weathered a move well, there can be problems that you don't notice at first. These problems can affect your piano's beautiful tones now or even years from now depending on the type and the extent of the damage. If you decide to move your piano yourself, here are some of the types of damage that you might find once the dust settles.

Damaged Soundboard

The soundboard within the piano is the part of the piano underneath the piano strings. It's put into the piano under pressure and it has a specific amount of tension on it that holds it in a prescribed shape. That shape is what helps each piano to have its own distinctive sound. If that board warps or breaks in any way, the piano won't sound good at all, and the best case scenario is that you'll have to replace the entire board.

Bent Strings

If the piano warps, the piano wires inside can bend or, in extreme circumstances, even break. Once those strings bend, they don't sound the way that they should when you hit the keys. You can try tuning the piano, but ultimately you'll need to replace the strings and determine what caused the damage to them so that you can get that fixed.

Scratches on the Finish

This may seem minor, since it doesn't really affect the sound of the piano, but your piano is a focal piece in any room it's in. Keeping it looking its best is important, and scratches in the finish really detract from your beautiful piano. Keep in mind also that some scratches can go so deeply that they can eventually become cracks through the body of the piano. So the scratch may not be a big issue now, but it can be later.

Broken Casters or Legs

The casters and the legs on your piano are especially vulnerable. They're out there on their own, and it's all too easy to catch the legs or the casters on something when you're attempting to move the piano. You can try wrapping the legs and ends, but that can sometimes make them a bigger target for objects to hit.

Protect your piano from this type of potential damage if you have to move it by talking to expert piano movers before you do it yourself. They can make sure that your piano doesn't suffer any ill effects at all from your move. If you're looking for a piano moving company, go to site.