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3 Tips For Choosing Liability Coverage From A Packing Company When Moving

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All of the excitement of moving into a new place can quickly wear off once you notice how much work it will require. Putting all of your belongings into storage boxes and moving those boxes into your new home or apartment can be time-consuming and tiring. This is where a packing service comes in handy. However, when using a packing service it is important to protect your property by getting liability coverage. Many services offer standard coverage, but it is up to you to ensure that your coverage covers any possible damages. Therefore, there are tips you can use to choose a liability coverage for your next move.

Check to Make Sure the Company Covers Damage to Your Premises

Many packing and moving companies will offer coverage for items that are damaged during the move. However, this does not include any damage that is done to your home while moving these items. This can be problematic if you are renting an apartment or you have sold the home. The new owners could end up charging you for the damages or a landlord could end up withholding your deposit due to the additional damages. Therefore, before signing the moving contract you should make sure that the packing company is prepared to handle damages that are done to your home.

Make Sure the Estimated Value of Your Possessions is Correct

During a move, the packing company will create a list of all your items and put together an estimation of the total value of these items. Each value is used to compensate you in the event that your items are damaged. However, if these values are off and your products are really worth more than is listed, you will have to recover the additional costs on your own. As a result, it is important to double check to ensure the estimated value of your possessions is correct.

Consider the Time-frame You Have to File A Claim

If your items are damaged during a move, the moving company will require you to file a claim in order to receive any money. Many companies give you a time-frame to file this claim. Depending on the company, it can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. When moving, you may not immediately notice damage to any items until well after the move. By this time, the time-frame for filing the claim may have passed. Therefore, look to make sure the moving company gives you ample time to file a claim before agreeing to the contract.

Moving your belongings from one location to the next can be extremely stressful. The situation can become even more complicated if items are damaged or broken during the move. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that your belongings are protected during a move.

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