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Long Distance Moving With A Pet

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If you are moving with a pet, this can add another layer of planning. If you will be moving a far distance, you might be worried how your pet will handle the trip and acclimation to a new environment. Here are four tips to help you plan your upcoming long distance move with basic pet needs in mind.

1. Use Safety Supplies During Transport

It is important that you have crates for smaller cats and dogs and keep larger dogs on leashes while transporting them to their new home. While you might be spending quite a bit of time in the car, your pet should always be secured while in the vehicle. This will keep pets safer if you get into an accident and help make sure that they don't get loose when you make pit stops along the way.

2. Check For Comfort Along The Way

If you will be driving your pet to their new home, getting them ready for the ride is important. Make sure hotels along the way are pet-friendly and have all of your pet's daily supplies and necessities easy to access. Talk with your vet ahead of time. If you have an overly anxious pet they can prescribe calming medications or even sedatives to help the trip be as easy on them as possible.

3. Keep Pets Safe On Move Day

Your home will be turned upside down on move day and your pets might become overly anxious from the activity. If you can lock pets in a back room or even board them for the day, they won't act out aggressively to movers or try to escape. Especially if you are moving far away, you will have too many things going on the day of your move to worry about your pets being underfoot or going missing.

4. Be Ready In Your New Home

Have a space set up at your new home that pets can use to acclimate to their surroundings. Keep them boarded or in a room that won't be accessed when movers arrive. It is a good idea to do research ahead of time on vets in the area and get started scheduling appointments. Your pet can get their new health care routine started in your new town right away.

If you are moving far away from your current home, there are a lot of loose ends to handle. Don't let your pet's needs fall through the cracks. Make sure pets are safe and are able to travel with as little stress as possible. This will make your pet's adjustment to their new home easier and they will settle in more easily. For more information, talk to the professionals at Bell Moving & Storage.